I Come Recommended

As you can see from my résumé, I’ve had a varied media experience, but it’s not just that I did a lot of things here and there. I did it very well, earning my peers’ and supervisors’ respect and praise.

Here is a sampling from my LinkedIn page:

Newscasting & Producing Class – Loyola News Chicago*:

Kamil is an accomplished multimedia journalist who is an excellent writer and has impeccable news judgment. He also has a terrific attitude and work ethic, and would be a great hire for any news organization!

 – Professor Lee Hood, class instructor

Fox Chicago News Internship in Special Projects:

Kamil was my intern in the special projects department of FOX Chicago News from January to May 2009. During that time he was responsible for researching many of the long-form newsmagazine-style stories we put together. Among them: the side effects of Ambien, peer juries (for teen offenders), child beauty pageants, city parking inefficiencies, and the death of a child in day care. Kamil was reliable and thorough and consistently went above and beyond the call of duty. If not for his assistance none of these reports would have come to fruition. Of the 200 or so interns I supervised between 1994 and 2011 at WFLD-TV, he was–by far–one of the finest. I whole-heartedly recommend him.

 – Award-winning reporter Mark Saxenmeyer

Mosaic 2009 and 2010:

Kamil is one of the most dedicated people I have ever met, and has a great instinct for capturing timely news and images. He put in extra time and effort–even after he wasn’t being graded for the magazine–on Mosaic to make sure everyone’s articles were presented well on the websites. He has a knack for going the extra mile, and when the websites were launching, was instrumental in ensuring everything was ready for public viewing and up to the writers’, editors’ and faculty supervisors’ standards. I have met very few people with the passion and drive that he has for journalism. Kamil manages to accomplish goals while being a caring, considerate and helpful individual focused on teamwork and joint efforts. He really is a Jack of all Trades, and any newsroom is lucky to have him.

 – Mariam Pera, Loyola classmate and colleague at Mosaic magazine.

* – At the end of the semester, fellow classmates voted me as the group’s “smoothest producer” (an honor I try to live up to in professional settings, as well) and continue to recommend me for news producing positions.

Of course, the above are a few recommendations from college. So how do I stack up years after college? Ask me for my references, call them and see what they have to say about my work now.


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