College Broadcast Work

During my final semester at Loyola University Chicago, I enrolled in a Newscasting & Producing class, the first to use the School of Communication’s new Convergence Studio to produce weekly student newscasts. My classmates and I rotated positions so everyone had experience with each role.

In addition to serving as associate producer twice and head producer once, I also served as floor director multiple times, wrote anchor copy and ran the teleprompter. Newscasts I produced are no longer available online, but here is a PDF of the rundowns I set up.

I also contributed one package and three VO/SOTs throughout the semester. The following videos are pre-produced without anchor voice-overs, but I have linked PDF scripts for each in the title headers. I’ve kept these videos up for posterity — but needless to say, I will not be anchoring a newscast or fronting stories on-air in the near future.

PKG: Senior Boat Cruise Tickets

VO/SOT: Loyola and Polish Tragedy

VO/SOT: IC Computers

VO/SOT: Campus Card Upgrades

I think these were good stories, but I do not believe I have that special factor that would make a great on-air reporter or anchor.


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