Meet Kamil Zawadzki

me-newHello, I’m Kamil Zawadzki.

I’m a journalist working full-time in the industry for more than seven years. That includes more than two years doing everything from page layout to web content management to video editing at a small-town newspaper. Since then, I’ve moved into the TV world, as a newscast producer.

While I continue to improve my quality of work and grow as a producer, I’ve put together this portfolio site to give you a glimpse of some of my highlights so far.

First: Five Random Facts About Me

  • I was born in rural southern Poland, where we had a whole litter of dogs and, later on, a cat, before moving to America with my family.
  • I spent much of my life in Chicago, from elementary school right up to college, where I graduated with honors at Loyola University Chicago.
  • I studied abroad, at Loyola’s John Felice Rome Center. Easily one of the best experiences of my life so far, and, yes, worth every penny.
  • I’m one of the biggest fans of CBS’ The Amazing Race. Love watching every episode, every season. It’s definitely on my bucket list one day. (Ideally, it will never be canceled and I can have time to find a partner and train for it! Hint, hint, CBS.)
  • I really like listening to and jammin’ out to European house and club music… especially Romanian DJ mixes on YouTube (it’s really not as random as it sounds — they’re really good!).

Now that I’ve told you a little about myself, please feel free to browse through my site. Take a look at my work and contact me with any questions!


Kamil Zawadzki


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